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The first question often asked by someone who has not previoulsy heard of the Missouri River 340 (besides "Are you nuts") is "do you train for something like this"?  The simple answer is of course.  But how often and how much is not quite as simple.  Many veterans will contest that training is crucial to the finishing of the race.  But completing this challenge is more than just physical stamina, you need a passion to be there in the first place.  Our passion stems from a love of the river, each other, and to support a cause that supports the river....the Missouri River Relief.  Our training will likely seem minimal compared to other racers, especially since our trainnig crew will normally involve two labrador retrievers, (who love being on the Missouri River sandbars as much we enjoy taking them).  Our paddling experience in the past was not a workout of paddling at breakneck speeds, or rarely did we have a goal to reach at a certain time.  We are not record-breakers by any degree....but we try to see the beauty in everything and know that to do anything merely for its own sake is a waste of time.  The adventure we see in this race is more than sacrificing everything to win, but rather the experience of paddling with 340 other boats that are powered by people as crazy or crazier than ourselves, and to be a part of the history that is turning the page on the Missouri River!     
So dont be suprised if you see a canoe barreling downstream with two labradors stretched across the center, eyes struggling around the bend......looking for the next sandbar!       

1/14/2011 06:50:07 am

Thank you Penningtons!

I hope I can go on a training run with you guys. Actually, I hope I'm hanging out on a sandbar while you stop for a rest!

Sooooo...are the dogs doing the race, too?

Josh Pennington
1/14/2011 11:48:02 pm

We're hoping Tank and Dakota will help lead the ground crew.....there has yet to be a "dog pull" division, and we have had no luck convincing them to help paddle!!

4/8/2011 04:43:55 pm

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