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There is with no doubt that our “training blog” has been a series of outings where training has been minimal at best.  We had been blessed to spend quite a few weekends together on rivers throughout the state, but the emphasis has been far from training for a race.  Which, if you read the first post, you could have predicted that we are not out to win a race, but are extremely excited about emerging into the adventure atmosphere.  There are some hard core racers who look down at the “adventure racers”, as an entirely different class.  And it’s true, we are.  I will be the first to admit I will have difficulties maintaining a fast pace when my mind and soul is searching for the relaxing and rejuvenating feeling that is typically associated with sitting in a canoe.   But regardless of the expected outcome when entering a race, whether it be adventure, competition, adrenaline, stamina, endurance, ….the one thing we all share is the enjoyment of being on the river in a craft powered completely from the physical  effort  put forth. 

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