Support the Big Muddy
The rummage sale dominated our weekend!  KOMU news was at our doorstep at 4:30 a.m. setting up for a live news coverage from the scene.  It was awesome....and the community effort was a treasure in itself.  We have reached our finacial goal, but are starting to think we might have a chance to hit $5,000?!?  Although managing the rummage sale was quite exhausting, we found the energy to get on the river saturday night for a 10 mile paddle from Katfish Katies to Coopers Landing.  A raft of pelicans circled above head as we rounded the bend at California Island.  The water sparkled and reflected the setting sun, and music filled the valley as we approached the live bands playing at Cooper's!  Now with the fundraising coming together, perhaps we will step up the training a notch!!     

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