Perche Creek - Support the Big Muddy
Support the Big Muddy
We squeezed another Perche Creek run into our busy schedule last Sunday and spotted a Bald Eagle nest on a towering Sycamore along the banks of the muddy creek.  We took a break from our upstream struggle to gage the size of the massive collection of branches, when we noticed a mature eagle soaring through the channel with more twigs in grasp.  We watched the eagle bounce around in his castle before we noticed two or three other eagles circulating in the sky.  We pulled our canoe into the bank and looked nearly straight up at the nest.  The ground encircling the Sycamore was littered with duck feathers, many appearing to be Mallard.  From the amount of feathers present, duck is a popular item on the menu at this eagels nest.  This has proven to be an excellent area for viewing eagles, hence the name of the bordering Conservation Area being called Eagle Bluffs!  Well Named!     

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