Support the Big Muddy

It seems the theme of the MR340 for the past couple of years has been “God willin and the creek don’t rise”, but similar to last year-- God wasn’t willin-and the creeks surely rising!

We wanted to send a note to everyone who has pledged support for Team MoDak in raising funds for Missouri River Relief.   Our pledge to race 340 miles in the world’s longest non-stop canoe race is not going to happen, but do not consider your pledge or donation a wasted investment.   The Upper Missouri River is seeing flooding like never before in the history of the modern engineered river.  The reservoirs are releasing at unprecedented rates- flooding communities and land throughout the entire Missouri River basin.  This year will be recorded in history as the worst flooding event on the Missouri River in recent times. 

In place of the MR340 is a 150 mile race on the Kaw River in Kansas.  Sarah and I are both Mizzou Alumni, so it should come as no surprise to our wondering what is worse, a cancelled MR340 or an alternate race in Kansas.  Slightly willing to pour salt on an open wound-we have considered the possibility of racing the new race, but do not feel the strong connection to the Kaw River as we do the Missouri.  As many of you know, we never held the extreme racing persona, but wanted to do the MR340 from the connection we feel with the river.  The theme of our fundraising efforts has been to Support the Big Muddy, which includes supporting the communities and families affected by this year’s flooding.  Missouri River Relief will without a doubt be assisting communities in need wherever their assistance can be useful and beneficial.   We are currently in a brainstorming period as there are still many unknown variables to what the river is going to do, especially in the lower stretches.   But rest assured that your pledges will be supporting the Big Muddy-as we promised.

We will never know how Team MoDak would have performed in the MR340, but we exceeded our financial goal to support the Big Muddy, which may serve to be much more beneficial in the troubling times ahead than the adventure that followed.   As for Team MoDak in 2012-well, the third time is a charm, right?    

After two years of planning and training for this seemingly elusive event-perhaps it’s best to let the water settle a little before we begin pondering the possibility for what lies in 2012!


6/6/2011 01:26:43 am

I am so sad, but would love to see you woop some Kans-ass on the Kaw..tehe


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