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So what exactly constitutes training?  This was the question we asked each other as our river plans were halted Saturday morning when we noticed a spring of water had developed in our backyard.  The uniqueness in our newly acquired spring was that it would only surface when our washing machine was draining.  It doesn’t take much intelligence to make the connection of where this water was coming from, but how?  This was the question that instigated my digging for the sewer line.  The hole was easy to find, but the problem was still unclear, as the more pipe I exposed the more I could verify the pipe had to be replaced.   Like many older homes, part of our sewer line is still the old clay sections with tree roots welcoming their way into the cracks and forcing the pipe to collapse.  With a tributary creek in our backyard, it was absolutely necessary we replaced this clay pipe with an efficient PVC.  As the day went on, I continued to dig, as the pipe sunk into the ground, deeper and deeper.  Saturday turned into Sunday, and we continued to dig.  The clogged clay pipe oozed sludge into my trench, sticking to my shovel and smelling worse than a crap house on a tuna ship.  Every stab of the shovel splattered the black foulness.  The pipe was three feet in the ground and still descending,  with every 4 foot section full of putrid rotting malodorous contaminated decomposing petrified poo ….(for lack of better terms).  The retching of my abdominal muscles would contract at an attempt to expel the contents of my stomach at every breathe, along with physical exhaustion from hand digging this increasingly deep trench and the frustration from the pipe continuing to descend into the ground….led me to sit back (after throwing the shovel as far as I could) and contemplate what the heck I was doing…………..when two words came to mind……….. “Dig Deep”.   

Not your typical 340 training…but it’s how we spent our week’s end!  Sarah wanted to take a picture, but I protested, with hope that this memory will fade far far away……………..

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