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We decided to greet the warm weather with a paddle on the Perche Creek.  Unfortunately, the creek had not completely thawed, so our trip was shortened when we came to the first major bend and discovered it was still frozen.  We learned a valuable lesson: DO NOT leave your canoe unattended on a snow covered boat ramp.  As we were walking back to the vehicle to grab our gear, our ambitious canoe was ready for the water, and slid down the ramp plunging into the middle of the creek.  Luckily, we were paddling with a few other people, and Jodi Pfefferkorn, being the nice person she is, performed a boat rescue with her canoe.  The eagles were flying high, the sun was out, and we enjoyed a beautiful morning of paddling.......breaking the ice on our spring fever!!   
Running out of flowing water on the icy creek!
4/8/2011 04:43:43 pm

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